Where to sell gold jewelry can be a tough thing to decide if you’re new to the gold buying and gold selling world.  There are so many options!  Should you mail it in, should you sell gold to the local jewelry store, should you sell gold to the mall marque, should you sell gold at the local gold refinery or should you just keep your gold and see if the gold price continues to climb?!  It can be a stressful venture and it’s tough to figure out the right choice.  Cash for Gold Refinery Riverside is here to help you understand the process of gold jewelry melting and what the best options are for you to sell jewelry.


Where to sell jewelry

  1. Always sell gold refinery direct.  By selling gold to a local gold refinery you eliminate the middle man and therefore end up with more cash in your pocket for your gold jewelry
  2. Don’t ever sell gold to a place that offers to pay you with a check!  There are horror stories all over the internet about people not getting their cash for their items because the check is not good.  Also, many banks put holds on checks like this from local gold buying places to make sure the gold is real before the customer gets paid.  Get cash on the spot with a local gold refinery.  Don’t wait to get money that belongs to you!
  3. It’s not ever a good idea to Mail In your valuables to any online companies.  Once again, if you do your research online you will read about a ton of horror stories about people mailing in their gold jewelry and not ever getting it back or a check.  There is also no negotiation when you mail in gold.  The company pays you and you have no choice once you mail in gold.
  4. Selling gold at the mall is not a good choice.  Most mall marques have teenagers working the stand that are not trained professional jewelry buyers.  They won’t be as accurate in their appraisals and therefore can severely under pay you for your items!  Sell Gold to a direct refinery with licensed gold dealers.
  5. Selling gold to a jewelry store is not good because they then have to sell gold to a refinery and they make a little money off of you.  If you sell gold refinery direct you eliminate the middle man of the jewelry store and get the most cash in your pocket!