When we think of selling precious metals we think of gold and silver, but there is also platinum.  Here we buy all types of Precious Metals!  

Cash for Platinum Riverside, Ca  92506Platinum, along with gold and silver, has been a commodity that has had it’s value rise steadily during these economical difficulties.  Platinum can sometimes be confused with silver so if you are not sure of what you have bring it on in and we can test it for you.  We do free testing and appraisals.  Feel free to come in with gold, silver, and platinum that you are unsure about and we can test them for you and let you know exactly what you have.  You may think a piece of jewelry is fake or maybe you are unsure what karat level it is bring it in and we can let you know what you have in a short period of time.

So whether it is gold, silver or platinum come in, get it tested, and walk out with extra cash in your pocket!


Cash for Platinum Riverside
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